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  • Litigated Divorce

    This is the last of the series discussing alternatives to dispute resolution in divorce. First, we discussed mediation and second we discussed collaborative divorce . This blog focuses on litigated divorce. "Litigation" is a legal term meaning 'carrying out a lawsuit.' The detailed litigation process is the subject of another article which can be found on the blog at ...
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  • Collaborative Divorce

    Last week we began a series discussing different methods of resolving the dissolution of marriage. First we discussed mediation , now we are going to look into the collaborative divorce process. During a collaborative divorce process both you and your spouse hire an experienced Collaborative Lawyer. Collaborative divorce occurs when a couple agrees to work out a divorce settlement without going to ...
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  • Mediation - Collaborative Law- Litigation - What does it all mean?

    If you find yourself considering a divorce , you are most likely seeking to optimize the end result for you and your family. There are several options available when considering how to proceed with a divorce. There are three general approaches to resolving the dissolution of your marriage and the terms of your final Judgment of Divorce. It is recommended that you discuss with an experienced ...
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