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How is Temporary Child Support Determined?

Divorce can be a fairly long process and can put many aspects of your life on pause. One thing that cannot be paused, however, is the care of your children. As a result, courts will frequently issue a temporary child support order requiring one parent to pay child support to the other until the divorce is finalized.

How is Temporary Child Support Calculated?

Just as with standard child support orders, temporary support will be based on a variety of factors. Ultimately, any child support payments will be ordered based on the child’s best interests. Other factors which are used to calculate temporary support include:

  • The income of each parent
  • The personal assets of each parent
  • The number of children involved
  • The ages of the children
  • Which parent is the primary custodian

Generally speaking, temporary child support payments will be lower than the final support payment, because they are only designed to cover the immediate needs of the child. When the final child support order is made, it may factor in other expenses such as entertainment and extracurricular activities.

Is Temporary Child Support Always Ordered?

Although temporary child support orders are quite common, they are not issued in every case. If the parents already have an existing support agreement from a legal separation, it is unlikely that the court will issue a new temporary order, unless something has drastically changed. Also, parents who can agree on child support details early in the process can generally avoid these orders.

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