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Is Your Divorce Stressing Out Your Child?

One of the biggest concerns for couples going through a divorce is the impact it may or may not have on the children. It can be difficult to provide stability and unity in the face of something as emotional and life-changing as a divorce. If you and your spouse are separating, paying attention to your child’s needs and actions is vital when helping them cope with the change. Our Monmouth County divorce attorneys have compiled a list of 10 signs that could indicate that your divorce is negatively impacting your child and you should take further action.

Signs that Your Divorce is Impacting Your Child

  1. Frequent night terrors or nightmares
  2. Regressed behavior, such as wetting themselves again or resurfaced fears
  3. Loss of interest in school, athletic, or social activities
  4. An increase of complaints about physical ailments, such as headaches or stomach pains
  5. Constant or periods of prolonged sadness or anger
  6. Sudden change in eating habits, either a loss or increase in appetite
  7. Significant change in school performance or loss of good grades
  8. Developed anxiety that interferes with the child’s daily life
  9. Having to miss work due to complications or issues caused by your child
  10. Expressed desire to harm themselves

If your child is demonstrating any of these signs, getting angry or frustrated with them is not the answer. These could be signs of serious emotional distress on your child. Action should be taken, such as talking with your child with your spouse and seeking a therapist. If your child expresses the desire to harm his or herself, it is imperative to take immediate action and seek help.

At The Law Office of Darren C. O'Toole, LLC, we do what we can to ensure that your divorce runs smoothly for you and your family. We understand that it can be a difficult time, especially for a child, but pursuing what is in your best interest and wellbeing can help soothe the stress.

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