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  • Planning Your High Net Worth Divorce

    When one or both spouses have a significant amount of wealth, it is typically seen as a high net worth divorce. There is no denying that high net worth divorces often bring more complications than regular divorces. Whether contested or not, you will need to ensure that all property is properly identified and distributed through the divorce. It is crucial that you plan ahead for your divorce to ...
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  • No More Permanent Alimony In NJ

    Alimony reform has finally come to New Jersey. The Governor of New Jersey has effectuated an overhaul of New Jersey alimony law. Below are what we believe to be some of the major highlights of the law. Some major components of the bill include: The elimination of the term permanent alimony and establishes open durational alimony The establishment of limitations on alimony terms based on the length ...
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  • Alimony Reform

    Alimony reform has come to New Jersey. Governor Christie has executed a bill overhauling alimony in New Jersey. The law does, at least in part, answer questions as to when or if permanent or "indefinite" alimony may be awarded. Often times, litigants who have been married 10 to 20 years didn't know whether they were entitled to or obligated to pay "permanent" alimony. The new law answers that ...
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