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  • Can I Move with My Children After Divorce?

    Once you have finally wrapped your divorce , it may seem too overwhelming, frustrating, or even annoying to step back into the courtroom for years to come. However, if you decide to make a move with your children, this may be exactly where you find yourself without taking the proper legal steps. Why Are You Moving? First, it is important to identify your reasons for moving. Are you just trying to ...
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  • Tips to Win a Child Custody Battle

    Whether you are going through a divorce or a complex separation, when you have children, child custody will likely be the most heated issue you face. While you and the other parent may try to come upon an agreement regarding child custody, in many cases, it is simply not possible. From disagreements on physical or legal custody to different views on visitation time , finding a mutual solution ...
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  • Custody Neutral Assessment (CNA)

    A custody neutral assessment is a program run by the court resource center and the family division to help parties come to a resolution on child custody and visitation , particularly in high conflict cases. Upon referral to a CNA, cases may be resolved by parties coming to an agreement or by a mental health professional performing an evaluation and providing recommendations. A psychosocial ...
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